A Universal & Lasting Currency – Character Creates Opportunity®: August 30, 2018

In a world that continues to increase in complexity and change, a perpetual challenge we all face is how to remain relevant or at least not be a hindrance to growth in our close relationships, workplace, and community.

History would teach us that some of the traditional currencies like money and skills don’t last forever. In a world where financial markets can see money change hands between winners and losers quickly, job skills become outdated at an alarming rate, and even the next big idea gets old faster than ever, what is the currency that endures and creates incredible value over time?

As we continue on our journey to build and strengthen our character, being intentional on building wealth with a currency that endures over time is a most effective choice for us to have a lasting positive impact on those around us.

The global, universally accepted currency that lasts throughout financial market swings, technology revolutions, and political strife is the currency generated from a willingness to help those in need, providing comfort to the brokenhearted, seeing the best in others, and maintaining a positive, hopeful mindset even when others see doom and gloom.

When we build wealth based on the currency of character, we will see results that have been proven over time to last. Wealth built on the currency of character has no limits and is available to all people, regardless of gender, race, nationality, or upbringing.

Here are a few of the outcomes that endure with wealth built on the currency of character:

  • We build strong relationships that have a better chance of lasting the inevitable painful events that we will experience, and life is measured by the relationships we build.
  • We are viewed as open and welcoming to others because we meet a very basic need of all of us, to know that we matter.
  • We create a ripple effect of good will that sets an example for others to follow in our home, place of work, and community.
  • We dramatically improve our ability to build the traditional currencies of money, skills, and ideas that can make a measurable impact in this world.

As we focus on building wealth based on the currency of helping others, teamwork, compassion and understanding, we will build and strengthen our character, and Character Creates Opportunity to have a positive, enduring impact on those we care about most…and they deserve it.