At Harvest Time Partners, we believe that Character Creates Opportunity® to reach our hopes and dreams, regardless of our situation. 

My wife Tracy and I formed Harvest Time Partners over 20 years ago to provide resources to support and encourage individuals and families to reach their full potential in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. Today, we’re thankful to have developed award-winning resources that individuals, parents, educators, counselors, and youth leaders use every day. When we decide to use timeless and universal principles such as compassion, honesty, courage, and commitment to guide thoughts, decisions, and actions, we create the opportunity to reach our hopes and dreams—and we are dedicated to helping others do just that.

Our company’s name comes from the Law of the Harvest: we reap what we sow. This basic truth is simple, believable, and teachable. It helps in understanding life’s ups and downs and keeps us grounded in reality. To reach our full potential, there is no “quick and easy solution.” We must plan and prepare. We must take the necessary steps and we must work hard. With the Law of the Harvest as the foundation for our work, the tools and resources we develop are all focused on helping individuals and families use principle-based decision making to reach their hopes and dreams.

The resources on this website were initially developed for parents to use with their children to reinforce the importance of talking face to face about the often-difficult situations in life and the value of making principle-based decisions. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from parents, and have also been pleased to learn that teachers, counselors, and youth leaders find our conversation starters and books helpful as well. We also developed resources specifically for adults including our Character Creates Opportunity blog, and our Face to Face Transitions — Single to Married and Face to Face Dinner Party Edition conversation games.

We hope you find our resources and tools helpful as you work to reach your full potential, and help today’s youth do the same.

Be well my friends. Thanks for visiting our site today.