In the Community

Communities form a
backbone of support to
help us all reach our
full potential

Communities form a backbone of support to help us all reach our full potential

Community Outreach

Harvest Time Partners provides support to schools and communities to prepare the next generation of productive citizens. We provide support in three ways:

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The Company provides resources from our portfolio of products to support numerous initiatives in communities around the nation working directly to help youth-serving organizations and family support groups.

Harvest Time Partners In the Community

The Company believes that early stage entrepreneurial ventures are the lifeblood of a free market economy and provide the foundation for innovation to strengthen the competitiveness of businesses, improve the lives of families, and build thriving communities. 

Harvest Time Partners Venture Capital provides Seed capital, Series A financing, and strategic advisory services to early stage companies in the life science marketplace. Listed below are some of the businesses the company supports:

Harvest Time Partners Foundation
Harvest Time Partners Foundation

David and Tracy Esposito established and sponsor the Harvest Time Partners Foundation, a charitable organization that supports children and young adults in the pursuit of character-building opportunities worldwide. The Foundation supports a wide range of initiatives from college scholarships to community service projects, as well as international efforts to reduce the suffering of children and young adults.

Listed below are some of the groups the Foundation supports:

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