Character Creates Opportunity® – A Universal Gateway: Thursday, February 22, 2018

There is little denial to the fact that life continues to grow in complexity, uncertainty and intensity.  Based on how we receive our information, it seems we have bought into the notion that we all prefer to see the strong opinions of the loud and proud standing in opposite corners in order to pick a side and fan the flames of division and difference.     There is no doubt that we have complex challenges to address in our communities, businesses and homes.  There is no community that is always safe and secure, no business that is insulated from extinction from swift market changes, and no home-front that is guaranteed to be happily ever after. As we continue on our journey to build and strengthen our character, there is an opportunity to reinforce a universal gateway which leads to more effective solutions and a sustainable process to address the inevitable challenges to come. Humility is the universal gateway that leads to understanding and steady progress towards solutions. There is no such thing as achieving humility directly.  Humility is the byproduct of a genuine attempt to listen with the intent to understand, to suspend judgment, and to approach any situation with […]