Seeking Truth – Character Creates Opportunity®: Thursday, June 16, 2022

There has always been a struggle to find truth throughout human history. Whether it is fact or fiction about specific historical events, discerning scientific theory from scientific law, or the simple fact that the more we read and hear about a certain topic, it somehow magically becomes truth in our world. Even with our collective appreciation that these challenges to find truth have been around forever, it certainly seems that the struggle to find truth has become more intense in these recent times.

The pace and volume of information coming at us from all over the world and well-functioning algorithms that can channel certain messages our way leaves us somewhat punch-drunk and unable to search effectively for truth as we just simply accept or reject everything that is flooding our way as a manner of survival.

As we think about our own personal growth and development, we need to be careful that we don’t apply the same rapid, shallow triaging of information that we have become accustomed to in our present time of information overload. Given the legacy-building importance of our efforts to be our best for those we care about most, we need to be more intentional about anchoring our efforts on some universal and timeless truths that we can always count on.  

Even as we witness the pace of change continuing to accelerate all around us, we should find some peace in reinforcing a few simple truths surrounding our own personal growth and development:

  1. There are no quick fixes to being our best each and every day. It takes a plan and the slow, steady effort to execute the plan. Just like the law of the harvest on a farm, we can’t day-dream all spring, goof-off all summer and then expect an abundant harvest in the fall. It takes time and effort throughout the seasons. No amount of money, brainpower, or smooth talking can bring about a quick fix to cover up some of our persistent short-comings in our behavior. We need to be committed for the long haul to be our best. 
  2. We cannot reach our full potential alone. Life is strengthened through close relationships and close relationships are not easy. Those same relationships that can bring such great joy can also be the source of such great sorrow. However, as we gather up the collective wisdom of some old folks who have “been around the block a few times” we will all come to realize that it is our commitment to journey through those highs and lows in our close relationships that enables us to reach our full potential and be our best for those we care about most.

As we remain committed to making a positive impact in our home, work, and community, if we can guide our efforts on some simple, timeless truths, we will be most effective in reaching our hopes and dreams. In addition, as we take this step, we will continue to build and strengthen our character and we will set a helpful example for others that Character Creates Opportunity to reach our full potential and make a positive impact on those around us.

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