Put Me in Coach – Character Creates Opportunity®: Thursday, July 21, 2022

“Put Me in Coach” is the memorable line from John Fogerty’s song Centerfield that has been playing at stadiums across the US for years and has rivaled Take Me Out to the Ball Game as the anthem for baseball memories.

The song highlights a theme in many of our lives about the impact of a coach and a game we played to our fullest.  Whether it was a baseball or basketball coach, a band or theatre instructor, a teacher for a subject we were passionate about, the impact of a coach that uplifted our spirit, built our confidence and added fuel to the fire within ourselves was memorable and left an indelible mark on our life’s journey.

In today’s increasingly competitive and intense world, the traditional coach of the school or community team seems no longer sufficient for kids to be their best as we see families going all out to ensure kids have access to a personal coach, instructors, and specialized sessions with experts in the field. We see leading athletes and actors who always seem to have an army of coaches and trainers to ensure they are continuously raising the bar on their performance.

The question that needs to be asked on all this effort to be our best is where does this leave the average adult “Joe” and “Jane” like most of us? As we look to be our best at home, work and in the community there still seems to be a heavy stigma on any of us getting some coaching to be our very best for those we care about most. Sure, there are plenty of self-help tools nowadays to get some insight to help increase our effectiveness in the important areas of life. However, those easily accessible tools still fall short in replacing the engagement that a personal coach can provide in the traditional sense of experience.

Whether it is to be our best in our role in the home, work or community, we all could use the helpful boost that comes from some direct, traditional engagement with a coach.

A coach or trusted advisor or counselor or therapist or friend (whatever label works for your story and mine) brings about some effective ways to help us be our best for those we care about most.

Here are a few benefits to help encourage all of us to connect with a coach:

  • A safe environment to share. We all carry around a few “silent” burdens. Having a safe place to get those burdens out on the table will help.  
  • Another point of view of our situation. We are all on the field of play with a limited viewpoint that is restricted by our own experience. A coach can help widen our view.
  • Some additional action steps to take. We can get stuck in some patterns of behavior that are not always effective. A coach can help get us out of our rut and try some new steps to improve.
  • An occasional kick in the A&%. We all can get comfortable and make excuses to remain in our place. A coach can help call out the truth that we have unlimited potential to make a positive impact and sometimes a swift kick or loud voice is just what we need to work a little harder to bring about amazing results.  

Partnering with a coach will help us move further and faster on our journey to build and strengthen our character and Character Creates Opportunity for us to reach our full potential and make a positive impact on those around us.

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