Harvest Time Partners Announces Launch of New Games in Partnership with Dr. Toy

Conversation Games Now More Widely Available
Portage, MI (December 4, 2013) — Harvest Time Partners, Inc., a personal and professional development company, is expanding its market penetration through a partnership with Dr. Toy to accelerate the launch of several new conversation games.  Harvest Time Partners’ products will be made available in Dr Toy’s Holiday Gift Guide and The Magic Toy Box.

David Esposito, a managing partner of Harvest Time Partners, said, “We look forward to launching our newest line of conversations games in coordination with the Dr. Toy organization.  Dr. Toy has tremendous credibility in the market and we see them as a great fit to reach our goal of further penetrating the large market for conversation games. We look forward to working with Dr. Toy as we expand our reach and make our new conversation games available to more consumers.”

Dr. Toy’s Holiday Gift Guide and The Magic Toy Box will begin marketing the “revised and updated” version of the award winning conversation game, Abundant Harvest, a one-of-a-kind board game designed to help families and educators open the door to more-productive dialogue and encourage decision making based on principles such as honesty, loyalty, and commitment. Reinforcing the law of the harvest, the game’s primary takeaway is that you will always reap what you sow.  In addition, the conversation games Face to FaceTM will also be marketed by Dr. Toy.   Face to FaceTM is the newest line of conversation games designed to start great conversations on real-life issues, in real-time with friends and families.  Face to FaceTM is available in a Kids Edition, a Teen Edition, and a Dinner Party Edition.  To access the games directly, please go to the Holiday Gift Guide link below:


For more information or to discuss additional products and services from Harvest Time Partners, Inc., please visit the company website at www.harvesttimepartners.com, email David at david@harvesttimepartners.com, or call 877-786-4278.

About Harvest Time Partners, Inc.

Harvest Time Partners, Inc. was created almost 20 years ago to provide support to individuals, companies, and organizations on a variety of topics and subjects encompassing personal and executive development, team building, leadership training, and building a strong marriage and family. Harvest Time Partners provides character-building seminars, workshops, and custom programs designed to increase personal effectiveness, enhance character development, and strengthen the bonds of marriage and family. Harvest Time Partners, Inc. created the award-winning conversation game Abundant Harvest that continues to be embraced by families, schools, and faith-based programs nationwide. For more information, visit www.harvesttimepartners.com.

About Dr. Toy LLC

Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, is one of the world’s leading experts on play, toys, and children’s products. With 30 years of direct experience, Dr. Auerbach includes educationally oriented, developmental and skill building products from the best large and small companies in her four annual award programs. Many parents, teachers and toy buyers use Dr. Toy’s guidance in making selections.  See more at: http://www.drtoy.com