Rock & Roll and the Good News: Episode #9 – Discarded

Background on the Program:

Life brings us moments of real struggle. The Rock & Roll and Good News program is designed to provide hope to those who are hurting…and if we are honest with ourselves, we are all hurting in some area of our lives, all the time.

Whether at home, at work or in our community, when we commit ourselves to be our best for those we care about most, we will face times of incredible joy and times of incredible sorrow in our journey to make a positive impact.  

The intent of the program is to let the Rock & Roll music of our youth bring back some joyful memories to open and soften our hearts in a way that music can uniquely do and then speak the truth about the Good News that can comfort us in our present struggles.

Rock & Roll music and the Good News can comfort us in our sorrows and is available to all of us regardless of what we have done, where we are right now or how we are living our lives. It is wide open for everyone.

The Rock & Roll music for the program is found on the internet and the message of the Good News will be brought to us from the scriptures that guide the Jewish and Christian faiths of today. 

You may be asking yourself, “Why combine the two?” as they seem so different. Well, here are a few reasons:

  1. Rock & Roll and the Good News are both accurate reflections of our world:
    • When we look at the life of Rock & Roll stars. They have reached such incredible heights yet they struggle through such incredible low points. Despite all they have accomplished, many get overwhelmed by some struggles and not all of them survive those moments of absolute despair. 
    • Likewise, the traditional scriptures of the Jewish and Christian faiths tell similar stories of people achieving such great heights and yet also struggle with some low points of absolute despair.
    • And if we are honest with ourselves, we see ourselves in those realities as well. We have often journeyed through some great moments while we also walked through some moments of absolute despair with close relationships in our home, with struggles in our workplace and pressing events in our community.
  2. Rock & Roll and the Good News are for everyone.
    • Rock & Roll and the Good News have always been open to and accepting of everyone no matter what we look like, no matter what we have done in our past, no matter what others may think of us. Rock & Roll has embraced generations of what traditionalists would say were misfits and outcasts just as the Good News was embracing to the misfits and outcasts of times past.
    • We can all feel redeemed by the message of Rock & Roll and the message of the Good News. Through the process of redemption, we can all feel we matter, we belong, and we have been chosen. Those are the 3 most beautiful feelings in the world.
    • Despite our apparent differences, the reality we all commonly share is that many times in the journey of our lives we can feel we don’t matter, we don’t belong, and we have not been chosen. During those dark and painful times, Rock & Roll and the Good News can help to comfort us in moments of despair and give us hope for a better tomorrow.

As you face your own struggles today, please know I am on the same journey to find redemption from some mistakes and to find some peace through the ups and down of life so I can carry on to be my best for those I care about most.

Please sit back and for a few minutes, I hope this message nourishes you in the most meaningful way to comfort you in your sorrows and strengthen you to keep climbing into the ring to face your battles.

Episode #9: Discarded

Today’s episode starts with a song from Bob Dylan, Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

Please spend a few minutes listening to any version you can find on the internet.


Welcome back…

I hope you enjoyed that song. Bob Dylan has impacted generations with his words and music. Starting in the 1960s, Bob Dylan continues to draw an audience that is looking for freedom to express themselves and for some group where they can feel they belong. Knocking on Heaven’s Door was written to help support a movie at the time and today this song helps us all realize the truth that at some point, of which we have no control over, the end will be near and we will all be “knock, knock, knockin’ on Heaven’s door.”   

It is common that during those thoughts about the end of our lives we all become a bit reflective and try to piece together some understanding of the pain and suffering we endured along with the joy and peace we encountered in our journey. As we look to the ancient scriptures for some truth to help guide our understanding, we discover an incredible reminder of the truth that even though the world may make us feel discarded and unwanted at times, God’s loving arms are ready to embrace us and redeem us no matter what we have done, no matter where we have been, and importantly, no matter what others may think of us.

As we look into the story most commonly referred to as “the woman at the well” we find a story of redemption that we can all resonate with in the book of John in Chapter 4 versus 3 through 42 (John 4:3-42) (please find a version of this scripture on the internet).

The background of this situation is that Jesus has been ministering in a number of places and was beginning to develop a following which had the traditionalists at the time quite concerned. Jesus and his disciples were traveling to another town to spread their message when Jesus decided to take a break from the group and went to sit and rest by a well in Samaria. 

As the story unfolds, Jesus meets a woman from the town coming to get water at the well during the middle of the day. As they engage in conversation, it is uncovered that the woman has been married five times and is currently living with another man. Jesus comforts the woman and tells her the truth that he has come to give her redemption and those who accept this offer of redemption “will never thirst again.”

In many messages preached about this story, there is a tendency to be in a judgmental tone about the woman at the well. She has been married and divorced five times and is now living with another man. In the minds of many listening to the story, we may think, “Wow, what a troubled person and isn’t it nice that Jesus is comforting a sinner like her…I am not as messed up as that, but it is nice to know Jesus cared about this troubled woman and that makes me feel good.”

However, when we take that judgmental view of this story, we miss the fundamental truth that can comfort all of us in our struggles when we feel discarded during our journey. Here are a few points of view to help better understand the meeting that Jesus had with the woman at the well:

  • Jesus went out of his way to connect with her. He broke away from traveling with his disciples to specifically create this encounter. Jesus is creating these same encounters for us and if we can open our eyes and our hearts, we will see them.
  • By all accounts, the woman at the well felt completely rejected and discarded in this life. The laws at the time would only allow a man to determine a divorce. In essence, she was rejected by five men who sought to divorce her from the most cherished relationship of our choosing in this life. She was still searching for a relationship that could help her feel she mattered to someone else in this world by virtue of her living with another man.
    • How would we feel if we had been publicly rejected five times from the most intimate relationship of our life? How could we carry on after being rejected time after time?
  • The woman went to get water at the well at the hottest time of the day when no one else would be there so she could avoid being seen and judged by others. Jesus reminds us that he has come to redeem us no matter what others may think of us or no matter what we may think of ourselves.   

In this story of the woman at the well, we find the truth that we can all feel discarded at times in our lives either by a family member, by those in the workplace, and by those in the community that may make us feel ostracized because of who we are. It is important to remember that God stands ready to redeem us and make it known that we matter and we have been chosen by him no matter what our current situation is.

Take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

  • When have I felt rejected in my closest relationships?
  • What has been my typical response when I have felt rejected and what could I do to be more effective in my response in the future to be my best for those I care about most?

As you continue along in your journey, please remember that we all experience feelings of rejection in this world which can make us feel all alone. If you find yourself feeling rejected and in a dark valley today, please remember that (1) God promises and is always faithful to accept us no matter what others may think about us and we should call on Him in our time of need (2) Please reach out to a close friend to talk things through and please consider me as one of your friends today.

As you continue to reflect on the message, please take a moment to search the internet to find and listen to Allison Krauss and Andrea Bocelli together singing, Amazing Grace        


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