Rock & Roll and the Good News

Life brings us moments of real struggle. The Rock & Roll and Good News program is designed to provide hope to those who are struggling. The intent of the program is to let the Rock and Roll music of our youth bring back some joyful memories to open and soften our hearts in a way that music can uniquely do and then speak the truth about the Good News that can comfort us in our present struggles. Rock and Roll music and the Good News can comfort us in our sorrows and is available to all of us regardless of what we have done, where we are right now or how we are living our lives. It is wide open for everyone. We can all feel redeemed by the message of Rock & Roll and the message of the Good News. Through the process of redemption, we can all feel we matter, we belong, and we have been chosen. Those are the 3 most beautiful feelings in the world.  Read more >>