Introduction – Weekend Reflections for Leaders: August 25, 2018

We all cast an influence on those around us.  Whether we embrace it or not, those with influence lead others and we all have the potential and the opportunity to lead more effectively.

The purpose of Weekend Reflections for Leaders is to provide leaders with:

  1. Practical tools and concepts to be a more effective leader
  2. Moments to pause and reflect on the larger personal leadership journey we are all on
  3. Encouragement and support for leaders to be the best for those they care about most – Top Talent who are leading an organization forward

The content for Weekend Reflections for Leaders will be posted on LinkedIn and no surprise, on the weekends.  The reason for the timing is two-fold:

One: Despite the practical reality of 24-7-365 communications in our highly connected workplace, there are moments in the work cycle when there is time taken to pause, recharge, and reconnect with others outside of the day to day grind of work.  For most developed economies, there is some moment over a typical weekend that can provide a momentary pause to reflect and recharge.

Two: For most leaders, there is always that moment during the weekend when our mind begins to ponder the “list” of the upcoming week’s demands, our stomach may begin to churn, and the restful weekend mindset begins to turn to a bit of anxiousness toward the work responsibilities ahead.  These writings are designed to help lessen the anxiousness of the week ahead by providing encouragement, insight to deal with leadership challenges more effectively, and a moment to put the week’s challenges in perspective of our larger leadership journey.  These steps have personally helped me be more effective in addressing the Sunday late afternoon and evening concerns of the week ahead.

My hope is that this content will speak to you in the most personal and relevant way in order to nourish you along the journey to reach your full potential as a leader.

The encouragement of those whom I have worked with in the past and those of you who have been readers of my weekly blog Character Creates Opportunity (inert link) were the sources of motivation for me to begin to share some thoughts on leadership. As for as my qualifications and expertise, I don’t want to turn you off, but I claim no unique skills and I have no formal license or accreditation to do anything. Here are just a few insights into my 25+ years of professional background and experience:

  1. I have stepped “into the ring” of leadership in large corporate environments, mid-sized privately held companies, entrepreneurial start-ups and combat in Iraq.
  2. I have experienced some big successes and some very painful failures in business and leadership.
  3. I have been a mentor to many and have been mentored by some amazing leaders.
  4. I have been intentional about placing a premium on learning and growing continuously throughout my own leadership journey.
  5. I am still actively stepping “into the ring” of leadership in the marketplace today.  

What I hope to share in these writings are some observations and practical action steps for the things that matter most in helping us be more effective leaders, inspiring others to lead, and laying the groundwork for even greater impact in the marketplace.

The focus on these writings will be on leadership in the workplace because meaningful and purposeful work most often brings out the best in us, encourages others, and along with education can be a gateway to improving the lives of others.

In addition to the Weekend Reflections for Leaders, here are a few resources to help:

  1. Free resources at
  2. Contact me. Email: (M) 269-370-9275

I wish you all the best.

David Esposito

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