Climbing Back into the Ring – Weekend Reflections for Leaders: June 4, 2022

Well, I would first like to say I am sorry for not giving you a heads up on my decision to pull back from writing a few years ago. So many of you reached out to check in and I should have more broadly communicated my plans. I am sorry and I would be grateful for your forgiveness.

I jumped back into the ring to lead a small biotech company in 2019 and just needed to create the space to focus on the critical work of building the company to help make meaningful progress our on plans to develop treatments to protect the vision of patients suffering from retinal disease. It is purposeful work and our team continues to make good progress on making a difference at ONL Therapeutics, Inc.

I do plan to begin writing again and this blog kicks things back in gear. The theme for the blog remains unchanged. We all cast an influence on those around us. Whether we embrace it or not, those with influence are leaders. We all have the potential and the opportunity to lead more effectively in the workplace.

Leadership in the workplace can be a lonely grind and the intent of the Weekend Reflections for Leaders blog is to provide you with:

  1. Practical concepts to understand and implement quickly to be a more effective leader today
  2. Moments to pause and reflect on the larger personal leadership journey we are all on
  3. Encouragement and support to be your best for those you care about most in the workplace, your top talent who are critical to leading your organization forward

The marketplace continues to have a desire for stable, predictable returns on investment, individuals on our teams want a steady, relatively predictable and purposeful career journey, and we as leaders have to deal with the reality that our marketplace continues to grow is complexity, uncertainty and intensity with little assurance that we won’t be the next in line to be “Amazoned” or “Blockchained” or “Machine learned” out of existence. In addition to the challenges in the traditional “fields of play” of the business world, today’s leaders are confronted with the need to effectively address the rapidly changing and increasingly transparent movements in our communities at large that have a measurable, direct impact on our people and our business.

Welcome to the reality of today’s business leaders and count me in to support you in your journey to be your best for those you care about most.

One of the first steps in effectively leading through a rapidly evolving marketplace is for leaders to accept the reality around us without hiding from it or sugar-coating the difficulties. There is a great deal of tension between the desire for a stable and predictable future and the threat of extinction either by way of a slow, steady decline, or rapid, shocking business failure. I have personally experienced these business transitions and have led individuals and teams through this tension…and hiding from the reality is never an effective method.

Accepting and acknowledging the reality of our situation as leaders is critical to effectively leading. Our team members respond more effectively to putting the reality of our situation on the table in a clear, transparent manner along with a steady blend of perseverance and confidence that we can work together to not just survive, but thrive in the pathway ahead of us.

We will be addressing some practical steps to leading effectively in future writings. Suffice for now to think and reflect on how we as leaders currently accept and acknowledge the reality of our current situation with our teams.

How would individuals on your team respond to question at the next cookout with friends, “Hey, how is your business going?”

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