The Principle of Sacrifice

The Principle of Sacrifice

Come learn about The Principles of Our World. In a series of real-life stories, readers will be introduced to The Principle of Sacrifice. The stories in this children’s book are meant to remind all of us about the importance of sacrifice in our lives. Enjoy the book in one sitting or read just one story at a time.

It is never too early in the development of a child to start talking about the importance of principles like honesty, courage, and teamwork. This book is part of a series of books about The Principles of Our World that provide parents and teachers with the opportunity to read to young children (ages 4+) and talk about a variety of situations they will experience in life. For young, independent readers (ages 7+), The Principles of Our World book series is a great addition to their book collection. At the end of the book, there is a section called, “Where Do We Go From Here?” This section is designed for children, parents, and educators to discuss situations they will encounter in life and talk about how The Principles of Our World can help them effectively handle these situations.

The Principles of Our World are here to help.

“Hello, I am The Principle of Sacrifice.

“People say that I am the reminder about how life is not always easy and that we need to be prepared to make difficult choices today to make sure things are better tomorrow.

“People also say that I remind them to think about others instead of themselves. Putting the needs of our family and friends ahead of our own help to make our relationships stronger. 

“I had a basketball coach once tell me, ‘No Pain, No Gain.’ He meant that without hard work and a little bit of pain, there was no way someone could expect to win in a big game. He said because I worked super hard in practice, he knew I would do well in the games. That is why he gave me the nickname Sacrifice. People have been calling me Sacrifice ever since.  

“I am now serving our country in the Army. I have seen a lot of people make sacrifices for the country. The sacrifices I learned to make as a young kid helped me to make even bigger sacrifices as I grew older.

“Please call on me when you need some encouragement to make a difficult choice today, so that you or someone else can have a better tomorrow.     

“I will be there to support and encourage you—no matter what situations you experience in life.  

“Please, count on me to help you make a sacrifice today.”