Character Creates Opportunity® – Difficult and Necessary: Thursday, September 22, 2016

There is an important reality we all must face.  Even with all the support and care we may have around us, there are times when we are truly on our own. When taking an exam in biology class, we are on our own. When dealing with an unruly 2-year-old in a crowded shopping mall, we are on our own. When making a sales pitch to a customer, we are on our own. When covering a wide receiver man-to-man on defense, we are on our own. When we are “in the moment” with a difficult relationship conflict, we are on our own. When we face that choice right now to support a harmful addiction, we are on our own. When we enter the ring, we are on our own. For many of us, we have others in our lives who care for us and provide much needed support and love.  Having healthy, supportive relationships in our lives forms a critical foundation for a life of positive impact.  However, the most difficult and necessary reality we all must face is that there are certain critical moments in life when we are all alone and need to stand and deliver. As we […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – The Long View: Thursday, August 18, 2016

The bookstore shelves (or are lined with helpful hints on handling difficult relationships and tips on how to handle conflict with someone important in our lives.  These resources help address the reality that we don’t live on an island.  Life is about relationships and relationships, even with the […]