Character Creates Opportunity® – Behaviors: Thursday, September 25, 2014

There is no doubt we are living in a time of increasing complexity and intensity.  Whether it is the current tensions in “hotspots” around the globe, struggles in communities close to home, or businesses trying to navigate not just marketplace competition and economic trends, but the significant social and political changes within their areas of operation.  Even though they don’t make the front page news, we also know there are underlying tensions in the home that then manifest themselves in actions we do see in our schools, communities, and workplaces. With the increasingly complex problems around us we have a tendency to become overwhelmed and sometimes paralyzed with the sense that the challenges are insurmountable. In a real and practical sense, the complexities we see are not the result of some “community” behavior, “society” behavior, “organizational” behavior, or even “family” behavior.  They are the result of individual choice and the behaviors that stem from those choices.  A community’s culture, an organization’s culture, a family’s culture simply and practically flow from individual behavior. The only real individual behavior we have control over is our very own.  We are free and accountable to behave in response to the situation around us. […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – Relationships: Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life is meant to be lived in relationships.  We cannot live life alone for any significant length of time without becoming unhealthy emotionally and then physically.  An important factor in our own health is the presence of others. In addition, any meaningful achievement in business, communities, or our world, […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – Differences: Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our communities, our workplaces, and our homes continue to grow more complex and diverse.  There is a growing demand for more education and training to ensure we can better understand differences, learn to fully appreciate differences, and then begin to leverage those differences to move in a positive direction […]