Character Creates Opportunity® – Our Role: Thursday, March 30, 2017

Throughout history, our time and attention are drawn towards those who are out in front making the headlines, giving the speeches, and closing the big deal.  Many times, those exalted as innovators, brilliant, effective leaders, or the ones making things happen, are often seen as being larger than life compared to the rest of us. Most of us are not in the spotlight, on the stage, being interviewed by the reporter, or standing in the ribbon cutting line. As we continue on our journey to build and strengthen our character, today’s note is about the important role most of us play, the role of assisting others to reach their full potential. The history books that document mankind’s achievements or the scrapbook that documents the achievements made within our families may leave the “assistants” out of the biographies.  However, the reality is that the lives of those who have public or private impact are most often filled with others assisting them in their efforts. We all know well the inventions and legacy of Thomas Edison.  However, we probably don’t know William Hammer who was Edison’s chief engineer responsible for most of the work at the Edison Lamp Company or Frank […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – Viewpoint: February 23, 2017

There is an interesting trend in our world that is being played out in a number of areas of our lives.  We have developed a seemingly insatiable need to have different viewpoints of the same situation.  We have come to the realization that there is advantage is having a […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – A Needed Connection: February 9, 2017

The local book stores and web-pages on Amazon contain countless resources offering advice on how we can build better relationships.  Some are complicated with academic theory and no practical application.  Some are just the latest well-packaged marketing effort from some media company and others offer genuine value to those […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – Why Not Ask? January 19, 2017

There is no denying that we have entered into the age of instant access to all types of resources to help us be more efficient and effective.  On the personal development side, there are websites that can help us be more efficient with planning schedules, meals, vacations, and just […]