Character Creates Opportunity® – A More Effective Question: June 25, 2015

“Did you close the sale?”  “Did you pass the test?”  “Did you win the game?” “Did you complete the project?” “Did you make any money on this idea?” These are all practical and meaningful questions commonly asked in the home, business, and community. When our children were younger we […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – Prevention: June 18, 2015

We have all heard of the guidance provided by Ben Franklin with the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The clarity and truth brought forth in that simple statement can be applied to various areas of our lives such as our health, relationships, work, […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – Baby Steps: June 11, 2015

We have all experienced that feeling of being overwhelmed when we see a huge task in front of us like an unexpected termination of employment, a deep break in a once trusting relationship, a financial shortfall that came on quickly, a sudden change in health, or probably the most […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – Are We There Yet? June 4, 2015

Are we there yet?  We are all very familiar with the question that comes at some point during a long drive.  Depending on how long the drive or how much stress has been injected into the preparations for the drive, there will be a wide array of follow-on responses […]