Character Creates Opportunity® – A Critical Choice: April 30, 2015

We make trade-off decisions every day.  One of the more consistent and obvious trade-offs we make is the decision of quality vs quantity.  Whether it is a bottle of wine, a business suit, an evening meal, or a piece of furniture, there is a decision being made around whether […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – A Clear Warning Sign: April 23, 2015

We have all felt overwhelmed from time to time.  Feeling “flooded” is a nice, polite way psychologists will described our situation when we are feeling like we have reached a final breaking point in relationships, careers, and other endeavors. There is no denying that our experiences in the home, […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – A Necessary Skill: April 16, 2015

Today, we have more choices in basic education, on-the-job skills training, and in traditional life skills like marriage, parenting, and household finance that are taught in community centers, churches, and libraries.  In addition, via the internet, we have a global education system at our fingertips for any subject of […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – “I have to” April 9, 2015

What do we achieve when we “have to” do something? When we “have to” do something, we come to realize that we have the capacity to do more than we ever imagined. In today’s world, we very rarely hear the phrases “I have to” or “I must do” something.  […]

Character Creates Opportunity® – One on One: April 2, 2015

Our world seems to give a great deal of praise and attention to those who impact the masses.  Whether it is through a great speech, inspiring an organization to do great things, or leading a large movement to have a measurable impact, it is the large numbers that get […]